FOOD FOR DEGROWTH: Perspectives and Practices



edited by Anitra Nelson and Ferne Edwards

Routledge (Abingdon)

ISBNs: 978-0-367-43646-9 (hbk)     and     978-1-003-00482-0 (eBook)

In the Routledge Environmental Humanities series, following on from Housing for Degrowth

The great line up of contributors and chapter titles appears in the contents outlined below.

By way of a preview you might like to watch some videos associated with the book’s content: Logan Strenchock (author of Chapter 6 here) and videos on a range of topics at the channel of Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman (co-authors of Chapter 2) here.

Initial Media release to come, 15 December.



1. Food for degrowth — Anitra Nelson and Ferne Edwards

Part I Frugal abundance

2. Replacing growth with belonging economies: A neopeasant response — Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman

3 Quietly degrowing: Food self-provisioning in Central Europe — Petr Daněk and Petr Jehlička

4. Learning degrowth from women’s food knowledge and care in Kenya — Meike Brückner

5. Caring dachas: Food self-provisioning in Eastern Europe through the lens of care — Lilian Pungas

Part II Degrowth collectives

6. Germinating degrowth? On-farm adaptation and survival in Hungarian alternative food networks — Logan Strenchock

7. Nourishing self-planned socio-ecological transformations: A glocal CSA in Veneto, Italy — Silvio Cristiano, Marco Auriemma, Paolo Cacciari, Manola Cervesato, Domenico Maffeo, Paola Malgaretto and Francesco Nordio

8. Sustaining caring livelihoods: Agro-ecological cooperativism in Catalonia — Patricia Homs, Gemma Flores-Pons and Adrià Martín Mayor

Part III Degrowth networks

9. Co-creation for transformation: Food for degrowth in Budapest Food City Lab initiatives — Diana Szakál and Bálint Balázs

10. Technology for degrowth: Implementing digital platforms for CSAs — Ferne Edwards and Ricard Espelt

11. Institutionalising degrowth: Exploring multi-level food governance — Ferne Edwards, Sérgio Pedro and Sara Rocha

Part IV Narratives: Degrowth contexts and futures

12. Recycling old ideals? A utopian reading of ‘circular’ food imaginaries — Deborah Lambert

13. Degrowth, decolonisation and food sovereignty in the Cree Nation of Chisasibi — Ioana Radu, Émilie Parent, Gabriel Snowboy, Bertie Wapachee and Geneviève Beaulieu

14. Food waste or surplus? Reading between the lines of discourse and action — Constanza Hepp

15. A degrowth scenario: Can permaculture feed Melbourne? — Terry Leahy

16. Future research directions for food for degrowth — Ferne Edwards and Anitra Nelson