FOOD FOR DEGROWTH: Perspectives and Practices



edited by Anitra Nelson and Ferne Edwards

Routledge (Abingdon)

ISBNs: 978-0-367-43646-9 (hbk)     and     978-1-003-00482-0 (eBook)

In the Routledge Environmental Humanities series, following on from Housing for Degrowth

The great line up of contributors and chapter titles appears in the contents outlined below.

By way of a preview watch videos related to the book’s content: Logan Strenchock (author of Chapter 6) here and at the channel of Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman (co-authors, Chapter 2, and see image below) here. At the Routledge site, you can view the first 20 pages or so (which includes the Introduction) here, by clicking ‘Preview this title’. Events, reviews and media appear after the Contents, below.



1. Food for degrowth — Anitra Nelson and Ferne Edwards

Part I Frugal abundance

2. Replacing growth with belonging economies: A neopeasant response — Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman

3 Quietly degrowing: Food self-provisioning in Central Europe — Petr Daněk and Petr Jehlička

4. Learning degrowth from women’s food knowledge and care in Kenya — Meike Brückner

5. Caring dachas: Food self-provisioning in Eastern Europe through the lens of care — Lilian Pungas

Part II Degrowth collectives

6. Germinating degrowth? On-farm adaptation and survival in Hungarian alternative food networks — Logan Strenchock

7. Nourishing self-planned socio-ecological transformations: A glocal CSA in Veneto, Italy — Silvio Cristiano, Marco Auriemma, Paolo Cacciari, Manola Cervesato, Domenico Maffeo, Paola Malgaretto and Francesco Nordio

8. Sustaining caring livelihoods: Agro-ecological cooperativism in Catalonia — Patricia Homs, Gemma Flores-Pons and Adrià Martín Mayor

Part III Degrowth networks

9. Co-creation for transformation: Food for degrowth in Budapest Food City Lab initiatives — Diana Szakál and Bálint Balázs

10. Technology for degrowth: Implementing digital platforms for CSAs — Ferne Edwards and Ricard Espelt

11. Institutionalising degrowth: Exploring multi-level food governance — Ferne Edwards, Sérgio Pedro and Sara Rocha

Part IV Narratives: Degrowth contexts and futures

12. Recycling old ideals? A utopian reading of ‘circular’ food imaginaries — Deborah Lambert

13. Degrowth, decolonisation and food sovereignty in the Cree Nation of Chisasibi — Ioana Radu, Émilie Parent, Gabriel Snowboy, Bertie Wapachee and Geneviève Beaulieu

14. Food waste or surplus? Reading between the lines of discourse and action — Constanza Hepp

15. A degrowth scenario: Can permaculture feed Melbourne? — Terry Leahy

16. Future research directions for food for degrowth — Ferne Edwards and Anitra Nelson



‘Degrowth’ post by Anitra Nelson at the University of Sydney’s Progress in Political Economy site:

Chapter author Terry Leahy and co-editor Anitra Nelson interviewed by Alison Hanley for the Central Victorian Saltgrass podcast, 15 February 2021 here

International Zoom book launch with co-editors Anitra Nelson and Ferne Edwards (NTNU, Norway) and chapter contributor Terry Leahy (University of Newcastle, Australia) at 4pm to 5pm on Tuesday 23 February 2020, with Q&A. An official event of the National Sustainable Living Festival hosted by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (University of Melbourne, Australia). For more details and to register (but it’s free) —