Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide, Pluto Press (London), August 2020

ISBN: 9780745342023  Pb: GB£16.99      Pre-order here

Written by French degrowth spokesperson Vincent Liegey and Australian degrowth activist-scholar Anitra Nelson

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In the Foreword Jason Hickel, economic anthropologist (Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK), writes:

The key thing is to recognize that we already live in an abundant economy. The problem isn’t that there’s not enough for everyone to flourish, the problem is that it’s all captured at the top. We can improve people’s lives right now, without any growth at all, simply by sharing what we already have more fairly and investing in public goods. Equity is the antidote to the growth imperative.


Of course, all of this leaves us with a million questions. What does a such an economy look like? How does it work? How do we get there? The book you hold in your hands traces a path through this thicket, and paints a picture of the new economy that lies ahead – an economy that enables human flourishing for all within planetary boundaries.


Front Matter (lists of figures and boxes, acknowledgments, glossary)

Foreword by Jason Hickel

1 Introduction: Exploring ‘Degrowth’
2 Decolonising Our Growth Imaginaries
3 Degrowth in Practice
4 Political Strategies for Degrowth
5 The Degrowth Project: A Work in Progress

Three Appendices

Selected Further Reading and Links



  • The Ecologist article ‘Coronavirus and degrowth‘, 3 April by Anitra Nelson and Vincent Liegey
  • Open Democracy article ‘Limit growth: Liberate degrowth‘, 18 May by Anitra Nelson and Vincent Liegey
  • Demos #10 (forthcoming) Crisis special issue — ‘Democratic crisis and degrowth’, July, by Anitra Nelson and Vincent Liegey