Castlemaine Free University

The Castlemaine Free University (CFU) is developed on a similar model to the Melbourne Free University as a forum space for discussing and debating contemporary issues of special interest to those who live in Mount Alexander Shire and central Victoria more generally.

We are generously supported by Northern Arts Hotel, our regular venue. Northern Arts Hotel is located at 359 Barker Street in Castlemaine.

Generally we meet on the first Monday every month from March through to December at 7pm. Our speakers don’t get any payment so sometimes we vary the time to suit their other commitments.

We open the doors 10 mins earlier and, in terms of seats, those first in are first serviced. We try and fit in as many people as possible but follow Covid-19 and the venue’s seating limits.

We are committed to listening to a range of views but our general values are oriented around environmental sustainability and social justice, principles we believe of utmost importance for addressing all the key issues of our times.

We run money-free events except for donations in lieu of drinks and other similar exchanges that occur in association with our talks. Northern Arts Hotel offers a serve yourself range of beverages offset by donations of a recommended amount.

We are a freely associated network that values individual and collective autonomy. There is no membership but you can get onto our emailing list or offer suggestions for speakers and topics by emailing Anitra at this site (see to the right).

Watch this space and our FB page for news on recent and up-and-coming events.